zondag 14 februari 2010

Radio Broadcasts 1944

1944-06-08 BBC British Tank Crew Describes Beach Landing
1944-06-08 CAN Channel Journey On US Torpedo Boat
1944-07-09 BBC Frank Gillard Reports Near Caen
1944-07-21 RRG Adolf Hitler - On July 20th Assassination Attempt
1944-08-07 Judge Roland Freisler Shouts At Coup Defendant Ervin von Witzleben
1944-08-25 BBC Richard Wessel On The Liberation Of Paris
1944-09-02 BBC Chester Wilmot On Road Outside Brussels
1944-09-17 BBC Announces The Invasion Of Holland
1944-09-23 BBC Robert Robbertson Reports On Arnhem
1944-12-31 RRG Adolf Hitler - Silvesteransprache
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