zondag 21 februari 2010

Radio Broadcasts 1945

1945-01-30 RRG Adolf Hitler - Last Broadcast
1945-02-19 CAN Sgt Mawson On Iwo Jima Landings
1945-08-09 Truman Threatens Japan With Furthur Atomic Attacks
1945-08-15 NHK Hiro Hito Announces Japanese Surrender
1945-11-14 Göring, Hess & Ribbentrop Plead Not Guilty At Nuremberg
1945-04-19 BBC Richard Dimbleby Reports From Belsen
1945-05-01 MBS News Reports Hitler Is Dead
1945-05-07 BBC John Snagge Announces VE Day
1945-05-07 NBC Reports Germany Surrenders
1945-06-xx VOA First Marine Division - A Love Note To Tokyo Rose
1945-08-06 BBC Frank Phillips Reports On Hiroshima Bombing
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